An Amazing Bakery Apart: Gideon’s Bakehouse – Our No. 1 Place to Eat

September 26, 2022

An Amazing Bakery Apart: Gideon’s Bakehouse – Our No. 1 Place to Eat

Because Orlando attracts tourists from around the world, you can find nearly any type of cuisine to tempt your palate.  On our last trip we ate food from so many localities that it was hard to keep track of them.  That said, a few of our favorites were Boma, an all-you-can-eat African buffet, Frontera Cucina, fabulous, flavorful (and spicy!) Mexican food, and our Epcot favorite, Tutto Italia.  We recommend them all. There are great local food choices in Kissimmee too, a short drive from Magic Moments.

However, of all those incredible choices, Gideon’s Bakehouse – a unique local bakery in Orlando – takes the cake (and the cookie!). It is our Number 1 choice for places to eat in Orlando near Disney, a must-do for cookie and cake lovers, and is one of our top things to do in the area.

Gideon’s Bakehouse: no ordinary bakery

Gideon’s Bakehouse is just one example of the unique culinary experiences that await you in the Orlando area.  It is no ordinary bakery – the store has a mythology and decor all its own.  Entering its doors feels like you are walking into another world, themed to delight and amaze. 

The Bakehouse’s website tells the tale of the bakery’s origin.  According to local lore, the bakery creator purchased what he thought was an antique cookbook published in 1898. To his surprise, the margins were filled with faded notes and doodles from what appeared to be a young boy who had dreams of becoming a baker. The name written at the back of the book was “Gideon,” and the creator decided to fulfil that child’s wishes with the name Gideon’s Bakehouse™.

The interior of the store is decorated accordingly, with strange works of art, ageing books, and curious antiquities from the Victorian era.  Gideon’s is one of my kids’ most anticipated eateries each year, so I had to lead with it for my first food post!

What we think – the food and drinks are as good as the interior design

With all of my emphasis on the decor, you are probably thinking that the food can’t really be that good.  But, the food really does stand up to the high quality interior and exterior design and branding of this excellent bakery in Orlando. 

Gideon’s offers incredible, nearly half-pound cookies in flavors that you can’t find anywhere else.  For example, September’s cookie special was a Peanut Butter Cold-Brew Cookie.  Imagine nearly 1/2 pound of that caffeinated goodness! 

The menu also includes eclectic goodies like Pistachio Toffee Chocolate Chip and Dark Coffee Cake, all in the same gargantuan size.  Their cakes are three layers, dripping with buttercream, and come in flavors like Andes Mint Cookies & Cream Chocolate Cake and true buttermilk Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting and  candied Walnuts.

Expect a line and go early – but definitely go!  It’s so worth it. The earlier you arrive, the shorter the wait and the better the selection, as the limited edition items do sell out. Eating at Gideon’s Bakehouse has been a highlight of all of our trips to Orlando.

What other people have said about Gideon’s Bakehouse

Don’t just take our word for it though, plenty of other people love the Bakery and its sweet treats too! 

For example, the Disney Food Blog said in their review entitled Why You’ll Want to Try EVERYTHING At Gideon’s Bakehouse in Disney Springs This Month

“Okay, you know us, when Gideon’s Bakehouse releases new cookies, we’re going to make a beeline to Disney Springs to try them out.”

The review goes on to say that “their coffee is consistently good” and that the cakes do not disappoint, especially the Cake Vom Krampus for $9, which is a Red Velvet Cake with an ultra Mint Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting. 

OK. So. The review was published in November and focused on the limited edition 2022 festive holiday seasonal offerings, but you get the picture.

The review also gives you a good tip that is worth remembering:

“Note that the area inside Gideon’s Bakehouse is small, which means you’ll probably be waiting in line for a little while — sometimes the bake shop opens a virtual queue but then you can go shopping or go do something else while you’re waiting. You’ll get a text when it’s your time to go inside to make the most delicious choices of your life.”