Local Food Choices in Kissimmee

September 27, 2022

Local Food Choices in Kissimmee

Our guide to the best local food choices in Kissimmee

There are great local food choices in Kissimmee a short drive from Magic Moments. 

Where do locals eat in Kissimmee?

Where do locals eat in Kissimmee? For my morning pick-me-up, I like the Flower Cafe, which is where locals eat in Kissimmee.  Let’s face it, vacationing with large groups can sometimes result in sensory overload (at least for me!). Some mornings I like to get away by myself, or perhaps with one of my kids for some special time.  The Flower Cafe is only 12 minutes away, offers abundant parking, outdoor seating, and serves some of the best pastries around.  

Their menu works equally well for breakfast or lunch.  They offer sandwiches, breakfast croissants, acai bowls, smoothies, and various breakfast wraps and bowls.  Everything is very fresh and flavorful.  It is the rare human who leaves unsatisfied.

The cafe is located in the Promenade at Sunset Walk, which sounds very grand but is usually relatively empty at breakfast and lunch.  There are several other restaurants and activities there, and it can be a great evening getaway.  I have yet to try it at night, so if any of you do please let me know how it goes.  I would love to hear from you about your local food choices in Kissimmee.

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